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The «Pharaone» company makes and offers to buy design stands for jewelry in the form of pyramids: stands settles down vertically, demonstrating jewelry in a convenient for the buyer plane. Such models are often called podiums, they are used for window dressing in piercing studios, jewelry stores and salons.

The original models. The own development. Extremely expensive wood. Any design.

Available equipment for any fasteners: earrings, rings, piercing jewelry («bananas», «barbells», «rods» etc.), balls, etc.

Pyramid-stands for jewelry: attractive view for better Shine

Discover beauty in everything for your customers. Show buyers jewelry so that it was convenient, clear and presentable. The company « Pharaoh » will help you with this.

  • Variety of forms

We do not limit you in design. We deliver ready-made pyramids for jewelry with 3 or 4 faces, with one or two heights, or we create podiums according to your individual order.

  • Possibility of complete set

Purchase of 1, 2, 10 racks for jewelry does not allow to issue a full-fledged showcase in your shop and salon. Do you want more? We are ready to develop a set with a harmonious combination of all its elements.

  • More promising than other analogues on the market

Give your competitors all the white plastic catwalks and typical vertical stands for jewelry. You won’t need them anymore. It’s time to impress buyers pyramids « Pharaone ».

This demonstration equipment for jewelry is available at retail and wholesale with delivery in Russia, Europe, Asia and the USA.

For shops, studios, workshops, exhibitions…

Pyramids are ordered by private masters, owners of retail chains and piercing salons. Optimal design, unique solutions and universal fasteners allow not to limit the scope of application. The aesthetic appearance of the catwalks-that’s what many buyers are missing. To do this, you now have products « Pharaoh ».

Why is everyone ordering from? Because our jewelry racks are unique. We are waiting for your questions and orders by phone.