“Pharaone” helps jewelry stores and shops to attract the attention of customers: we offer to buy jewelry tablets for showcases of jewelry and piercing products. Only new models of demonstration equipment that your competitors do not have.

We have: designer horizontal displays for rings, earrings, jewelry for piercing, “bananas”, ” barbells”.

Own production. Exclusive design. Creation of individual stands for jeweller ornaments.

For large and not very large jewelry stores:

“Pharaone” is open for cooperation with large holdings and factories, retailers and private workshops. We can:

  • Buy a jewelry tablet from the catalog on the website.
  • Order a stand from the catalog, but with a change in its color and texture.
  • Create a new display according to your personal requirements.

We use natural wood only expensive hard rocks and professional paints. The specialized Italian machines allow you to realize any creative ideas.

For those who wants to buy a new generation of jewelry tablets.

Thanks to the development of designers “Pharaone” jewelry industry was able to replace the standard paper stands.

  • Styling for your brand and interior.

Selection of color and pattern, development of display design. Any inscriptions are possible. There not any restriction.

  • Various volume capacity

Standard sizes 10×10 cm and 20×20 cm, but not more than 40 cm on one side. Form the location of products and their number on the stand according to your preferences.

  • Professional mounts for stands

Here you can buy jewelry tablets with two types of fasteners: clips or thread. This will allow you to place rings, “bananas” in the navel, rods, as well as wraps, balls, flowers for piercing, etc.

Our tablets for jewelry  are already used by professional piercing studios around the world, with their help make out shops and salons. Thеsе are  serious jewelry companies.

But never mind. The reaction of your customers is more important.

Take care of your customers, then they will answer you in return.

Visual aesthetic pleasure-that’s why you come. This role is performed by decorations, interior, window design. You just need to buy jewelry tablets from “Pharaoh” to be remembered by the client. In practice, this increases the conversion of your outlet.