We use only expensive hard wood species
We use only expensive hard wood species
For  covering the products we use luxury materials
For covering the products we use luxury materials
Goods  delivery  is carried out in the shortest possible time
Goods delivery is carried out in the shortest possible time
The possibility of increasing the volume of production without loss of quality
The possibility of increasing the volume of production without loss of quality


Demonstration equipment for jewelry stores

The production company "Pharaoh" offers to buy exhibition demonstration equipment for jewelry stores and piercing salons. Design models of stands, stands, tablets - this is an exact harmony with the interior, thoughtful geometry, unique creativity, branding opportunities. This you have not seen. Commercial offer for you "Pharaoh" offers to buy wooden stands in jewelry stores in Russia, Europe, Asia, USA.
  • See the catalog of showcases on the website: these are serial models of our production which are already available.
  • We produce under the order stands of any color and texture, also develop new forms of tablets, racks for the style of the salon and jewelry.
  • Products do not require installation.
  • Sale of demonstration equipment for jewelry stores is possible at retail, wholesale or complete.
Invest in the presentation of the jewelry. It is profitable We cooperate with experts. Reviews jewelry houses, body piercing salons, the workshops helped us to create a trade and exhibition equipment, which shows the product in a completely new way. Like never before. Why "Pharaone" creates a stand for jewelry that pays off?
  • Own design, development of displays and pyramids, which have no analogues in the world.
  • Specialization in exhibition equipment for jewelry and piercing. We concentrate on the business, improving production and design.
  • The first in Russia to produce professional demonstration equipment for jewelry stores.
  • Production of wooden stands for jewelry: we use only the top Italian materials-hard expensive wood, professional durable paints, varnishes.
Presentation of jewelry stands at the international piercing conference (Moscow, August 13, 2018) received the support of leading masters of Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, America. We received orders, and salons received cost-effective equipment. Everyone is absolutely delighted. Today "Pharaone" advises shops, helps to buy stands, arrange showcases in accordance with the range. We predict the emergence of specialized piercing boutiques in Europe, Asia, USA. The secrets of production of the demonstration equipment for jewelry stores It's not just about exclusive design. From the birth of the idea to its implementation – hundreds of technological operations are carried out. We control all these operations ourselves. We try to meet the needs of consumers and therefore "Pharaone" has built a professional production line to always be confident in the quality.
  • The accuracy of the forms provides…
  • Color finesse is not possible without…
  • Unique textures-the result of the work…
  • The scale of production is achieved…
All for the sake of exhibition demonstration equipment for jewelry stores was not just a product, but a thoughtful showcase. A showcase that draws attention to your products. Please, get acquainted with  the stands "Pharaoh" in the catalog of the site. We are ready to advise you.
  • 16 October 2018
    Oleg, Moscow
    Met the company at an exhibition in Moscow. Already managed to order 2 times. I think it's a godsend for the jeweler's business. Good luck in development!
  • 29 September 2018
    Dmitry, your piercing salon
    For piercing-fire. Very convenient and clear. Cool that you can select the color Well, the wood is incredibly tough decision!
  • 22 September 2018
    Victor Ivanovich K
    Excellent solution. Replaced all paper inserts on the pyramid and the substrate with its design. It was a surprise for our city, and attracted a lot of attention to the salon. Surprised not only buyers but also competing stores. Glad to have found you ahead of them. I advise everyone: the quality is impeccable, the color matches the photos on the website, ordered through the TC.
  • 10 September 2018
    Alex, piercing master, Amsterdam-Moscow
    It is convenient to order online, quickly brought. New! I found no analogues in others, thanks to the guys for the exclusive!!! Ordered 3 items for display with piercing. It is very convenient to show customers.
  • 9 September 2018
    Olga, managing Director of jewelry store, Moscow
    Ordered a sample a few podiums and stands. Liked, as have made. Everything came up on the brand book of our store. Already ordered a new batch for a complete set of all shop. Most of all I liked the Vegne pyramid, and we will focus on them.
  • 2 September 2018
    Vladimir, the owner of a network of jewelry stores
    Thank you for updating our jewelry stores. Quickly put, quality without complaints. Planned retrofitted new hall with your pyramids. Special thanks from regular customers.